New topics in 2020: robotics for locomotion and human/machine learning

The overall organization will be a morning lecture and an afternoon Matlab-tutorial, each taught by internationally acclaimed researchers in the field:
– Monday: Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi and David Franklin, on « Introduction to human motor control and learning »
– Tuesday: Andrea D’Avella, Pietro Morasso, and Hiroyuki Kambara, on « The control of upper extremity movements and unstable tasks »
– Wednesday: Ludovic Righetti and James Finley, on « Locomotion in robots and humans »
– Thursday: Nicolas Schweighofer and Etienne Burdet on « Computational Neurorehabilitation »
– Friday: Olivier Sigaud and Baptiste Caramiaux, on « Learning for motor control: machines and humans »

We will also have student presentations, “aperitifs”, outdoors activities (canoe, hiking in the Garrigue…), visit of Saint Guilhem-le-Desert, wine tasting, banquet, etc. So we expect this intensive summer school to be instructive, fun, as well as a good networking opportunity. It surely was all of the above in the previous editions!

Detailled program will be here…